Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Info on the Peace Corps (PC)

Some of you may not know a whole lot about the Peace Corps, so I thought I would post the welcome letter I received when I found out I was invited to serve. It gives a short explanation, so here ya go..

Congratulations on being invited to serve as a Peace Corps
Volunteer in Peru! We look forward to your arrival and to
working closely with you over the next two years.

Peace Corps is an exciting and rewarding adventure in any
country, and I believe that we have a particularly strong program
awaiting you in Peru. Peace Corps returned to Peru in 2002,
after an absence of 27 years, and since then has grown to 140
Volunteers, established good working relationships with a variety
of counterpart agencies, and built an excellent reputation.
We can promise you a beautiful country, hospitable and
receptive people, a well-thought-out assignment, and many
development challenges. What we can’t promise you is that it is
going to be easy. There are numerous cultural and institutional
obstacles to training and motivating people in a country like
Peru. Some people in your community will be resistant to
change, others suspicious of your motives. But with hard work
and commitment on your part, you will be amazed at what you
can accomplish. Numerous lives will be changed for the better
because of your service as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

In addition, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime cross-cultural
experience. Living with a Peruvian family, you will become
part of your community (which may be anything from an
urban barrio to a rural hamlet), participating in community
activities and sharing special moments with newfound friends.
Both you and the Peruvians you come in contact with will be
enriched from the experience.

You will have 11 weeks of training before you are sworn in
as a Volunteer. The training will strengthen your language
proficiency, technical skills, safety and security awareness, and
community integration. Take full advantage of this opportunity.
Both during training and throughout your service, there is a
highly committed staff to support you. All of us share your
excitement about coming to Peru and making a contribution
to the development of this country. We look forward to
meeting you soon.

Best regards,
Michael Hirsh,
Country Director

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